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Primary research techniques are based on sourcing direct information from specific samples of the population, (e.g. consumer, corporate, current customers and potential customers) via customized investigation of agreed target constituents.

Qualitative: In initial qualitative phase, the research investigates the routes and motives of the product aspiration as well as drawing the initial specification of the ideal product features, test price ranges etc. Our process uses open-ended questions, and helps define specific aspects of the study usually involving unstructured interviews in which lengthy answers are solicited from a small sample of the population, (e.g. selected number of clients). Often, to maximise the results, the qualitative research is integrated into the quantitative analysis as a way of providing support to the final results.

Focus Groups: As a part of initial qualitative research phase, focus groups are a selected group of fans (8 to 10) from representative market segments. Our standard focus group discussion covers:

  • Current Experience: Understanding what they currently do at the stadium, how and when they get there, what do they do whilst they are there. How can we improve their experience so they are encouraged to stay longer at the stadium, go more often and spend more while they are there?
  • Building an ideal stadium: Understanding their reactions to some of the current and future innovations in stadium design. Which are relevant for them and their market? What is most important to them at a new stadium – transportation, entertainment, amenities, catering etc? What would encourage them to spend longer at the stadium on match-days (come earlier, leave later) – what facilities would they use?
  • Potential consumer products: Understanding what products they would be interested in, why they would be interested in them, and crucially, pricing points?
  • Conclusions: What are the key motivations that influence attendance at the stadium, buy season tickets, and / or upgrade to better quality seating facilities?

Quantitative: This is where product development and price sensitivity analysis are conducted to test various concepts across the difference target markets, (e.g. current, lapsed and new customers etc.) Specific information uses close-ended questions and platforms to generate precise result as identified by the exploratory research and is usually conducted by way of structured and formal interviews with single answer or numeric response. Comperio Research adopts these techniques both in its conjoint analysis and quantitative research, as the core element of these investigatory platforms.

Conjoint Analysis: This is where the numerous combinations of product features and packages are statistically tested by quantifying the preferences. This allows us to estimate demand uplift by feature, project the market share captured by each product and package permutation and simulates the response of the market to virtually infinite number of stadium and product possibilities. At the end of this phase, a highly sophisticated simulator is populated with the survey data and has the ability to generate the optimal (to specific client’s requirements) set of products and packages to "take to market" and be tested in the quantitative phase.

Econometric Modelling: This is the final stage of the primary research, where robust, statistically significant and bankable demand and revenue projection scenarios are generated with complex econometric models built from the results of this quantitative phase. The econometric modelling enables both high-level analysis, e.g. overall demand and revenue, as well as specific analysis of the demand base, by industry, region or any other parameter relevant to the client. Key in any new or re-developed sports facility project, the quantitative phase is the key tool for clients to then go to financial institutions and secure necessary funding.

All elements of the research provide key inputs into an eventual sales process.

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"Comperio Research’s sophisticated processes and track record means our output is trusted by providers of financing and is often fundamental in securing the necessary funds for a project"
Richard Cheesman,
Managing Director
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"A vital part of our output is input into the design and concept of a new stadium – creating the best stakeholder experience and hence the maximum revenues"
Steve Moore,
Chief Consumer Strategist
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"We combine several cutting-edge research processes into a tried and tested methodology to deliver accurate projections of the potential of a stadium"
Kamrul Zaman,
Associate Research Director
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"Each market is different and it is only through being truly immersed in a local market that we can use our international expertise to deliver the ideal venue for each market"
Samin Macdonald,
Associate Project Director

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Comperio Research is a specialist stadium research organisation that has developed the market leading expertise in customer research in this sector, applying the most sophisticated consumer research techniques in a unique approach to the stadium sector to create revenue forecasts that form the centrepiece of a stadium business plan. The research output is crucial to developing the optimal stadium capacity, configuration and product mix, as well as the creation of a bespoke targeted sales and marketing programme.