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Comperio Research conducted a feasibility study validating the original business plan that saw Formula 1 return to the USA.

Comperio Research was commissioned by Full Throttle Production LP (FTP) to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to validate the original business plan via a preliminary and comprehensive benchmarking exercise and followed by a robust and extended primary research programme, which was the core of the project.

Phase 1: This stage was conducted over a two month period where an extensive data collection effort was undertaken to gather benchmark data on the following properties: F1, MotoGP, NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA. This amount of (publicly available) information was integrated with demographic information of Austin and Texas (hosting city and state) and the US, to form the basis of the revenue model build to validate the original business plan.

Phase 2: Conducted over a period of three months, this element of the project was one of the most robust and extensive feasibility studies ever conducted, reaching the whole of the US and based on two specific data collection platforms: (1) Businesses were contacted in Austin and Texas via phone to determine the interest (in the form of quantitative demand data) for the new circuit, its products and content schedule and (2) Consumers were contacted around the whole country via a comprehensive and detailed online survey to gather their interests (also in the form of quantitative demand data).

This dual programme resulted in a robust economic model which generated the demand and revenue projections for all products and packages available for sales at the Circuit of the Americas: Suites, Mini Suites, Paddock Club, Premium Seats and Season Tickets.

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"Comperio Research’s sophisticated processes and track record means our output is trusted by providers of financing and is often fundamental in securing the necessary funds for a project"
Richard Cheesman,
Managing Director
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"A vital part of our output is input into the design and concept of a new stadium – creating the best stakeholder experience and hence the maximum revenues"
Steve Moore,
Chief Consumer Strategist
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"We combine several cutting-edge research processes into a tried and tested methodology to deliver accurate projections of the potential of a stadium"
Kamrul Zaman,
Associate Research Director
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"Each market is different and it is only through being truly immersed in a local market that we can use our international expertise to deliver the ideal venue for each market"
Samin Macdonald,
Associate Project Director

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Comperio Research is a specialist stadium research organisation that has developed the market leading expertise in customer research in this sector, applying the most sophisticated consumer research techniques in a unique approach to the stadium sector to create revenue forecasts that form the centrepiece of a stadium business plan. The research output is crucial to developing the optimal stadium capacity, configuration and product mix, as well as the creation of a bespoke targeted sales and marketing programme.